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    papaya contents


    kevin trudeau


    February 10, 2009

    We're in the middle of cold and flu season. Many of you will come down with something this year. The best way to cure a cold or a flu is to prevent a cold or a flu. The drug companies and the United States government want you to believe the lie that only a drug can be used cure, prevent or treat a disease. This is a flagrant and blatant lie. Most people today have no idea of the remedies that people used throughout history to prevent, treat and cure virtually every disease. The drug companies want us to believe that drugs are the only answer. This is a lie. All drugs have negative side effects and are very dangerous. All drugs, including over the counter non-prescription drugs are also much less effective at suppressing symptoms than their advertisements lead you to believe.

    When it comes to cold and flu, there is a simple answer. We get cold and flu because we're exposed to a flu virus or various bacteria or viruses that relate to a cold. When we pick up these viruses and bacteria, our body's immune system fights them off and we never come down with any symptoms. The reason that you come down with the symptoms of a cold or a flu is that your immune system is weak and cannot fight off the bacteria or virus. The answer then, during this season when our immune systems are taxed, is to take supplements that specifically build up the immune system's ability to fight off bacteria and viral infection. There are probably 50 different remedies around the world that do this. I am going to give you two incredibly effective nature cures for colds and flues. These two products will prevent you from getting a cold and a flu this year. These two products will also cure you of the cold and flu in record time if you come down with one.

    The first product is a unique vitamin C that gets released through the liver. It's called Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. Its available from livonlabs.com or you can call them at 1-866-790-2107. This is the best vitamin C on the market in my opinion, as it gets into the blood stream correctly as vitamin C should. I have multiple boxes with me. I travel with this vitamin C all the time. Ideally during this season, take one to three packets per day. If you do, it's unlikely you'll ever come down with a cold or a flu. If you come down with a cold or a flu, triple the dose, take anywhere from three to nine packs per day. You can't overdose on this kind of vitamin C and it will get rid of the cold. You can take as many as 50 packs in a day and it can virtually wipe out the cold and flu in virtually 24-48 hours.

    The second product is a Wild Mountain Papaya Antioxidant Enzyme Powder. This will boost your immune system and can be taken everyday. It also is very healthful with digestion. It relieves asthma and allergies, breaks up mucous, gives you increased energy and decreases free radical damage. It's available at anti-oxidant-enzyme.com or by calling 800-395-8401. You can take this everyday as well, with the vitamin C. Both of these products together are incredibly effective at building up your immune system. It would also prevent you from getting any cold sores or herpes breakouts! I travel with these two products all the time. These are the two products that I never leave the house without. When I'm on the road, on airplanes, traveling around the world getting sometimes very little sleep, having suspect food, these two products keep my immune system high so that I never come down with a cold or a flu. If I do get a scratchy throat or feel like I'm coming down with something, I up the doses dramatically and usually within hours the symptoms go away. These are miraculous products, these are natural cures.

    If these were drugs, they would be sold for hundreds of dollars each and touted in advertisements on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines, but the fact is these are non-patentable substances. There are small product markups, they're inexpensive, they're natural, there are no side effects and they're incredibly powerful and effective. Also the manufacturers of these products cannot tell you the truth about what they do. It is illegal, it's against the law and in some cases it'ss a criminal offense for them to tell you what these products actually do. Well let ME tell you what they do! Because I do not sell them and have no financial interest, I'm protected by the First Amendment. These products, in effect, build up your immune system so that your body fights off bacterial and viral infection. It is virtually a way to categorically, 100% prevent all colds and flues and it absolutely a cure for colds and flues. With high doses, you will get rid of a cold and flu in record time, sometimes hours, no more than a few days. By taking these products everyday, you may never come down with a cold or a flu and if you do, the severity will be mild and the duration incredibly short. I mentioned also because they build up your immune system, your energy levels go up. They fight off free radicals, which gives you anti-aging benefits. Cold sores and herpes breakouts can be reduced to zero. I have many more natural cures to share with you and I will continue to do so in upcoming newsletters.

    For more great health information, goto Kevin Trudeau's website,
    Natural Cures.com

    THANK YOU! Our little daughter is using this product and it is really making a difference! We are very happy to have found your company and product! Many thanks!

    ---- OUR RESPONSE ----

    Hi Daniel, thank you so much for the feedback! I do love hearing this! How is it helping your daughter?

    ---- FOLLOWUP ----

    Hi. The wild mountain papaya has made her nasal/mucus much better, her overall breathing is better. She has not even had a cold for almost 2 months which is rare for her. Overall it seems her immune system is improved. She was a 2 lb preemie and we have come a long way with her. It's hard to keep her well. She is brilliant and beautiful inside and out. We appreciate your product.
    Daniel, Genea and little Charlotte

    ---- OUR RESPONSE ----

    One more question. How old is she now? Thanks!

    ---- FOLLOWUP ----

    Charlotte is going to be 5 years old December 15, well technically she will be February 26. She was a 2 lb. baby born at 30 weeks.The whole pregnancy had me on 7 months bed rest with many issues. I almost lost her about 5 times. She has come a long way with her first year on 02 due to her lungs and her breathing issues. She has no asthma to date though. Jamie, what is really making the biggest difference is the systemic enzyme therapy is decreasing the swelling of the bronchial mucosa and it is liquefying phlegm and other secretions which has improved her ability to breathe a lot better especially at night and sleep without apnea.

    She was going to have to have surgery but now she is not because of your product I am convinced. The X-rays I saw showed the swelling and it was constricting her breathing. They were going to remove her tonsils and adenoids because it was getting so bad and she was going to be recovering for 3 weeks. She has spent countless days and nights in the hospital due to this. ($75,000 in our savings which insurance hasn't covered as well). She would just stop breathing. She is doing 110% better and her immune system is doing it's job where children in her playgroup have had the flu, swine flu even and Charlotte hasn't caught anything. She was sick 7 months of 12 last year and we are now going on 2 months without being sick. It is heaven sent! I can take her out a bit more often which is really nice especially around the holidays. Before even a trip to buy groceries she would be ill within hours of her being home.

    Here's a picture of her. She is so cute, beautiful inside and out. She is also brilliant. She is about 2 years ahead in education and reads about 2000 words to date. She is skipping kindergarten and staying with us another year. She will be starting 1st grade in 2011 but she will prob be on a 3rd grade level by then. The private school she will be attending are going to evaluate her.

    Please feel free to use us as an example of how your miracle product is working for the Healey family! I hope other parents of preemies would consider this product because all most all preemies have immune issues. We will continue to use this product. She is currently 32 lbs and takes 1 packet in the am with her gummy multi vit and vit d on an empty stomach. She says it taste good and has always loved papaya. Feel free to contact us again if you need more information from us to aid in others and research. Thank you again for your product!

    My best
    G A

    Charlotte's sleep study about 3 months ago. I am thinking it will be her last for a long time since she is doing so well. She was such a little trooper.

    I snapped this picture of Charlotte last week. She is really happy she isn't sick all the time. It's nice to have her so healthy!

    "After one week of using Wild Mountain Papaya, I am so impressed with it. Both my husband and I notice more energy after taking it than with any other supplement we have tried before. Also, the Wart Mole Vanish worked amazingly fast. I actually saw a very large skin tag disappear before my eyes! Thank you in advance for your assistance."


    ďBefore I started taking this powder, my chest was full of mucus and every morning I had to cough up large amounts of this mucus. Two days after taking the papaya powder, I was completely cleared up and I continue to be cleared up to this day by taking it twice daily. I canít thank you enough, this product has been a real lifesaver for me.Ē

    Shannon N.
    Thunder Bay , ONTARIO

    ďSince taking the Papaya powder, Iíve experienced when I feel a cold or flu coming on in the morning, Iíll take double doses 3 or 4 times that same day and by the evening, the cold or flu symptoms are completely gone. Iíve never experienced anything as potent as this before.Ē

    Michael M.
    Atlanta , GEORGIA

    ďIíve had bronchitis for years and Iíve tried to clear it up with so many medicines with little or no effect. The day I received your Wild Mountain Papaya powder, I took 2 sachets twice that day and by that evening my bronchial tubes were completely cleared up. This stuff is amazing, I recommend it to anybody who has bronchitis.Ē

    Dierdre Gonzales
    Madrid , SPAIN

    ďI used to suffer from colds at least once a month especially when there was a change in temperature, something thatís quite common here. I never imagined there was any relief until I started taking the papaya powder. At first, I couldnít believe it but since it became part of my diet and now, 4 months later, I havenít had a cold all this time. I have no other explanation for this fantastic improvement but the powder. I have to thank you guys for this, the papaya powderís great!Ē

    Ilse Chow
    Kuala Lumpur , MALAYSIA

    Dear Wild Mountain Papaya Powder,

    I have been taking your powder now for 2 months and am pleased that my friend introduced it to me. I am a smoker and recently began coughing more and developed more phlegm. Since taking the powder my cough is now almost nil and the phlegm is so negligent I never notice it any more. I would also like to say that my daily BM since taking the powder is so timely I can set my clock by it and it is also with much more ease. Thank you for developing such a powder. I am a user for life.

    GW ( Spain )

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