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    papaya contents

    Suffering from colds, flu, or viruses like HPV (warts)?


    with the powerful ANTI-OXIDANT ENZYME POWDER
    from Pristine Herbal Touch!
    • Aids digestion with Powerful Enzymes
    • Boosts your immune system
    • Helps relieve asthma and allergies
    • Breaks up mucus
    • Increases energy
    • Decreases free radical damage
    Fermented Wild Mountain Papaya Extract is recommended by Doctors all over Europe, including Dr Montagnier, who co-discovered the Aids virus. Dr Montagnier prescribed the Papaya treatment for Pope John Paul II.


    Recommended by
    Kevin Trudeau, NaturalCures.com.
    Read what he has to say about
    Wild Mountain Papaya!

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    Prof. Luc Montagnier explains anti-oxidant and immunostimulant properties of fermented papaya extract.

    Read the full story here.
    Pope John Paul II receives fruit treatment from Prof. Luc Montagnier, co-discoverer of AIDS virus.

    Read the full story here.
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